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Pretty Ukrainian Girl – Taisiya from Vinnitsa, Ukraine

My Personality:

  I have a strong personality and I always believe that tomorrow is going to be a better day and I try to do everything that I can possible for that. I am also very responsible and I never let it go with the flow or don’t bother with problems. I am kind and generous at the same time and people say that I am very caring and gentle.  

My Interests:

I like books and movies about fiction, I like to go dancing, to Watch a good movies, photography, handmade, walking in the park, going to the theatre, travelling, nature, cooking, art and some design and meeting with friends.

Schöne Russische Frauen 

I would like to meet a man between 30 and 50 years old.  

  I need a strong man to take care of me and to be my partner in everyday and everything. He has to be intelligent, wise and experienced in every way of life. I like well-travelled people – it is not a must but I would appreciate it. I also want my man to be active and attractive, willing to keep fit and stay healthy and take care of himself.  

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Beautiful Russian Woman – Oksana from Zaporozhye, Ukraine

My friends say that I am a very noble, sincere, loyal and open person. I am also a communicative, easy going and cheerful lady who has a good sense of humor. My close friends also say that I am a very reliable, understanding, caring and supportive lady who is always ready to help to them.

Beautiful Russian Woman

I am an active person and I like to get into sports, especially billiards, bowling, rafting and volleyball as often as possible. I also like to spend my free time in the outdoors and in the nature with my friends. Among all my favorite things that I like to do I would point out that I enjoy a lot cooking, and I can say that I am pretty good at it.

At 41 myself, I would like to meet a man between 42 and 57. I dream to find a man who would be sincere, noble, faithful and honest. I would prefer my future husband to be reliable, supportive and I would also  like him to be physically active. I would like to find a man who would have a good sense of humor and who knows how to enjoy life without stress.

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Beautiful Ukrainian Bride – Darya from Simferopol, Ukraine

Thank you for visiting my profile. For sure, I can say that I am a kind and tender girl. I hate lies, bethrayal, rudeness and injustice. I believe in honest and pure relations between a husband and a wife. I know that it is possible to build a healthy and happy family based on love, trust, respect and understanding. It all depends on the sincerity of the desires of both partners.

Mulher Bela Russa

I have many interests and one my favorite one is to play the piano. Also, I can sew really good and I like to design some clothes for myself. I am also fond music and dances. I love sports in general, mostly swimming a lot and I try to keep fit – that is why I go to the fitness center regularly.

I am 23 and I wish to meet a man who is between 26 and 38 years old. I want to find a kind, tender, loyal, intelligent and careful man who will love me with all his heart and will be caring, sincere and honest with me. I wish that he will share my life visions and support me in all moments, including the most difficult situations.

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Beautiful Russian Woman – Elena from Sevastopol, Ukraine

As a person I am often told to be merry, kind, tender, reliable, sociable, loyal and decent. My friends also say that I am a good listener – and that is very important for people. I like clever, easy going and interesting people. I enjoy travelling, camping, listening to music, going in for sports, cooking and so on. I am also interested in theatre, cinema, gallaries and discovering new places and new cultures. I am not ideal but try to improve myself all the time and I think that overall, I am a very fine person and partner.

Hermosas Mujeres Rusas

To tell more about myself, I am easy going and I am the kind of person who is always willing to help. I like meeting new people and to discover something new as often as possible. I love engaging into sports, especially volleyball that helps me to keep fit and always be in good shape.  

My dreaming man? It is easy to describe. He just should be responsiable, caring, reliable, strong and with a good sense of humor. He should be serious in searching his match. I would not like to play any games. Being 46 myself, I would like him to be between 40 and 55 years old.

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Beautiful Ukrainian Woman – Lilya from Mariupol, Ukraine

My friends say that I`m a nice and open-minded lady who is also very sincere and communicative. They also say I have a very good character and that I’m easy-going. I can say that I`m peaceful and cheerful. I love nature, animals and flowers. I`m looking for harmony in life and to share good feelings. Though I`m a very romantic person, I`m able to take serious decisions. I love life and believe that it`s up to us how to make it happy.

Beautiful Ukrainian Woman

I like to keep fit and I have an active lifestyle. I adore nature and spending time outdoors. I like traveling and dream to visit many countries. I like to spend time with my family and friends. My passion is cooking and all my friends agree that I am a good cook.

I’m 23 and I’m looking for a man who is between 23 and 38 years old. I`m looking for a man who is willing to find true feelings. I`m here not for games – I wish to have serious relations and create a loving and happy family. I think that a man should be strong and loving. I`m looking for
kind and open-minded man who appreciates sincerity, honesty and loyalty in relations. Somebody who is ready to begin a new life full of love and tenderness with me 🙂

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Pretty Ukrainian Lady Irina from Odessa, Ukraine

Pretty Ukrainian Lady

About my personality, looking into my eyes: you might see a lot about me. 😉 I  guess you still want more? Ok. 😉 Probably two the most natural features of my nature are mildness and kindness – these are features of my inner person that made me go to medical school! I am a kind and compassionate person – to the end. I cannot pass by a person who needs help or a dog who wants to eat and do nothing. My daughter says that I must start participating in voluntary activities, so maybe I will do that soon. I am always ready to heal people and I actually believe God created us as kind and open-hearted creatures. What else can I say about myself? Besides my inner qualities and my femininity, you might find quite a strong character in me. It came to me naturally when I became a mother- as a mother is care and also a defense for her child. I am care and defense for my close people as family is what I consider the most important. That is why it is very unnatural for me to live alone. However, my hearty sense of humor never lets me feel down 🙂 My friends would tell you so many nice things- oh they are probably flattering. ;-))) I can also say is that I am a well-balanced woman and this helps me a lot with my life. I never make fast
decisions and always listen to my intuition when I need to make some decision. You know that intuition for a woman is tied to wisdom. So, I always try to be thoughtful – but sometimes, I want to be careless and just do anything for fun and pleasure ( It is impossible to do if you do not have your real Other Half next to you). ;-))))

I have one big interest and it is simple: traveling – who does not like to travel? 😉 I have traveled a lot in my life because of my jobs and I saw lots of cultures and people. I most of all want to visit Australia and New Zealand where I have never been to. 😉 Back home, I like cooking- oh I am a passionate cook! All my life I was in sports- volleyball and Gymnastics, so I cannot live without sport and everyday exercises. I also like to collect very rare and exotic plants from all over the world and have a special room for them in my house. Do you want to take a look? 😉

I am 46 of age and I would like to meet a gentleman aged between 40 and 60 years old. I really dream to meet a man who is loyal, self- confident and who is not afraid of who he is! You probably heard that ladies love those men who look self-confident. So I am not an exception. I believe in the family model where the man is the head and the woman is the neck – I think it is very realistic and
prudent. I like to be care and shelter for my beloved. I know that man needs this because nowadays, life requires too much from the man. To be honest, I do not envy you, men. ;-))) But I am here to turn the life of my Only Mister Right to a meaningful and joyful adventure! What else can I say? I would love to meet a big man. Yes, you are not mistaken. I am not too small myself and want to see a strong man next to me. In general, I can say that the outlook and outer appearance do not have a big importance to me. I am interested in a decent and reliable partner who is able to love with all his heart and who is not afraid of that. If you have a good sense of humor, then you might understand me much better. Please understand – I am from Odessa. ;-))) This is the world capital of humor. 😉 Please notice – jokes in my profile are absent! ;-)) I am really looking forward to our start, I know you are ready for it!

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Sexy Russian Woman Anastasiya from Kharkov, Ukraine

Sexy Russian Woman from Kharkov, Ukraine

I am a very romantic, sentimental, loyal and emotional person. Being an image stylist, I like to experiment with my look and I always try to be very different: a passionate and sexy tigress at times or a tender and naive angel on other occasions. To me, what is important, is what seems the most magical and the most special for me. The best example is to fall in love where two hearts and two souls find the deepest of romance, passion and sensuality. To be wanting to be with each other every moment of every day. From when the sun rises to when we are with each other till sunset and into the night.

I am 31 years of age and I dream to meet a nice and caring man who is between 28 and 45 years of age. I wish to meet a man who will share my interests and who I will discover his interests. A man who I can rely on in all my beginnings. I am seaking not only for husband but for a friend who I can rely on for all my life. He should be an interesting person who has lots of goals that he takes the right steps to achieve. He should be reliable, loyal and serious in all his deeds.

Among my personal interests, I wish to become a real professional in my sphere of work and I am planning to go to France for additional studies in my profession. In my free time, I like to visit theatres and exhibitions. I love music and I adore dancing. I like to try everything new – different cuisines, meet different people, discover new cultures and visit different places. My dream is to visit all distant places in the whole world in the company of my beloved man.

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Sexy Ukrainian Girl Mariya from Nikolaev, Ukraine

Sexy Ukrainian Girl from Nikolaev, Ukraine

According to my friends, I am very easy-going and open lady. I always can find a way to have common language with all people. I am a competitive person and I kind of like to win. I would, above all, like to win your heart and fulfill it with big love and happiness. I do not like negative people and the emotions they bring. I like to smile and laugh and I think that I have a very good sense of humor. I prefer to stay fit and I keep an active way of life.

I have a lot of diversified interests. I like sports, I like to dance – espacially salsaand samba. I am dreaming about seeing the ocean and going to Praga. I like skating, watching good movies and comedies. I can cook nice and I am open to everything new. In my free time, I also like to read psychologigal books. In the future I hope to be a good sociologist and work for the police as a psychologist.

I am not asking much of the man of my dreams, because I think that the man will not be a dream – the dream is the feelings he will give to me. I am 22 years old (or 22 years young should I say :)) and my ideal man should be aged from 22 to 38 years old. I dream only about the man with whom I`ll be happy with and spend the rest of my life with.

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Beautiful Ukrainian Girl Irina from Kiev, Ukraine

Beautiful Ukrainian Girl

I am a kind, tender, caring and intelligent lady who has a good sense of humour.

I like the outdoors and going in for sports. I also like to go to cinemas and theatres and I like to spend time reading. I want to find my soul mate and to have a loving family with children.

I am 39 years old and I would like to meet a man who is between 35 and 55 years old. I would like my life partner to be a kind, sincere, honest, faithful and decent man with a good sense of humour.

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