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Pretty Ukrainian Girl – Taisiya from Vinnitsa, Ukraine

My Personality:

  I have a strong personality and I always believe that tomorrow is going to be a better day and I try to do everything that I can possible for that. I am also very responsible and I never let it go with the flow or don’t bother with problems. I am kind and generous at the same time and people say that I am very caring and gentle.  

My Interests:

I like books and movies about fiction, I like to go dancing, to Watch a good movies, photography, handmade, walking in the park, going to the theatre, travelling, nature, cooking, art and some design and meeting with friends.

Schöne Russische Frauen 

I would like to meet a man between 30 and 50 years old.  

  I need a strong man to take care of me and to be my partner in everyday and everything. He has to be intelligent, wise and experienced in every way of life. I like well-travelled people – it is not a must but I would appreciate it. I also want my man to be active and attractive, willing to keep fit and stay healthy and take care of himself.  

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Pretty Ukrainian Lady Irina from Odessa, Ukraine

Pretty Ukrainian Lady

About my personality, looking into my eyes: you might see a lot about me. 😉 I  guess you still want more? Ok. 😉 Probably two the most natural features of my nature are mildness and kindness – these are features of my inner person that made me go to medical school! I am a kind and compassionate person – to the end. I cannot pass by a person who needs help or a dog who wants to eat and do nothing. My daughter says that I must start participating in voluntary activities, so maybe I will do that soon. I am always ready to heal people and I actually believe God created us as kind and open-hearted creatures. What else can I say about myself? Besides my inner qualities and my femininity, you might find quite a strong character in me. It came to me naturally when I became a mother- as a mother is care and also a defense for her child. I am care and defense for my close people as family is what I consider the most important. That is why it is very unnatural for me to live alone. However, my hearty sense of humor never lets me feel down 🙂 My friends would tell you so many nice things- oh they are probably flattering. ;-))) I can also say is that I am a well-balanced woman and this helps me a lot with my life. I never make fast
decisions and always listen to my intuition when I need to make some decision. You know that intuition for a woman is tied to wisdom. So, I always try to be thoughtful – but sometimes, I want to be careless and just do anything for fun and pleasure ( It is impossible to do if you do not have your real Other Half next to you). ;-))))

I have one big interest and it is simple: traveling – who does not like to travel? 😉 I have traveled a lot in my life because of my jobs and I saw lots of cultures and people. I most of all want to visit Australia and New Zealand where I have never been to. 😉 Back home, I like cooking- oh I am a passionate cook! All my life I was in sports- volleyball and Gymnastics, so I cannot live without sport and everyday exercises. I also like to collect very rare and exotic plants from all over the world and have a special room for them in my house. Do you want to take a look? 😉

I am 46 of age and I would like to meet a gentleman aged between 40 and 60 years old. I really dream to meet a man who is loyal, self- confident and who is not afraid of who he is! You probably heard that ladies love those men who look self-confident. So I am not an exception. I believe in the family model where the man is the head and the woman is the neck – I think it is very realistic and
prudent. I like to be care and shelter for my beloved. I know that man needs this because nowadays, life requires too much from the man. To be honest, I do not envy you, men. ;-))) But I am here to turn the life of my Only Mister Right to a meaningful and joyful adventure! What else can I say? I would love to meet a big man. Yes, you are not mistaken. I am not too small myself and want to see a strong man next to me. In general, I can say that the outlook and outer appearance do not have a big importance to me. I am interested in a decent and reliable partner who is able to love with all his heart and who is not afraid of that. If you have a good sense of humor, then you might understand me much better. Please understand – I am from Odessa. ;-))) This is the world capital of humor. 😉 Please notice – jokes in my profile are absent! ;-)) I am really looking forward to our start, I know you are ready for it!

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