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Single Ukrainian Woman – Irina from Nikolaev, Ukraine

I am a communicative, well- balanced, attentive and loyal lady with rich inner world. My children are the rays of the sun for me and they brighten my life on a daily basis. But I definitely have one more place for my future lovely husband in my heart ; )). My life is full of activities and joys. People say that I am a very romantic, pleasant and gentle lady. I think you will find this out during our communication ; ). I like taking care of my beloved and making them smile.

Single Ukrainian Woman from Nikolaev

I can say that my life is my hobby (I know it sound funny) but I really enjoy it and love making different things! ūüôā One of those is knitting. So every winter I am able to wear a new scarf :). Being an active young woman, I enjoy dancing a lot, and do it quite well ;). I am also a caring mother, who likes caring for her children and spending time with them everyday. When I want to have a relaxed evening, I choose reading a good book or painting.

I am searching for a trustworthy, loyal, faithful, sincere, mature, intelligent man with a good sense of humor who is able to make me happy and smile, who is not afraid of commitment, who is secure about the future and loves children. Every woman needs a strong and mature man by her side, who is brave enough to solve problems and able to care for her like any good husband should do. He is considering well his actions and sure of his decisions. And he always gives me a feeling of being admired, respected and keeps me in safety.

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Beautiful Russian Woman – Elena from Sevastopol, Ukraine

As a person I am often told to be merry, kind, tender, reliable, sociable, loyal and decent. My friends also say that I am a good listener Рand that is very important for people. I like clever, easy going and interesting people. I enjoy travelling, camping, listening to music, going in for sports, cooking and so on. I am also interested in theatre, cinema, gallaries and discovering new places and new cultures. I am not ideal but try to improve myself all the time and I think that overall, I am a very fine person and partner.

Hermosas Mujeres Rusas

To tell more about myself, I am easy going and I am the kind of person who is always willing to help. I like meeting new people and to discover something new as often as possible. I love engaging into sports, especially volleyball that helps me to keep fit and always be in good shape.  

My dreaming man? It is easy to describe. He just should be responsiable, caring, reliable, strong and with a good sense of humor. He should be serious in searching his match. I would not like to play any games. Being 46 myself, I would like him to be between 40 and 55 years old.

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Sexy Russian Woman Anastasiya from Kharkov, Ukraine

Sexy Russian Woman from Kharkov, Ukraine

I am a very romantic, sentimental, loyal and emotional person. Being an image stylist, I like to experiment with my look and I always try to be very different: a passionate and sexy tigress at times or a tender and naive angel on other occasions. To me, what is important, is what seems the most magical and the most special for me. The best example is to fall in love where two hearts and two souls find the deepest of romance, passion and sensuality. To be wanting to be with each other every moment of every day. From when the sun rises to when we are with each other till sunset and into the night.

I am 31 years of age and I dream to meet a nice and caring man who is between 28 and 45 years of age. I wish to meet a man who will share my interests and who I will discover his interests. A man who I can rely on in all my beginnings. I am seaking not only for husband but for a friend who I can rely on for all my life. He should be an interesting person who has lots of goals that he takes the right steps to achieve. He should be reliable, loyal and serious in all his deeds.

Among my personal interests, I wish to become a real professional in my sphere of work and I am planning to go to France for additional studies in my profession. In my free time, I like to visit theatres and exhibitions. I love music and I adore dancing. I like to try everything new Рdifferent cuisines, meet different people, discover new cultures and visit different places. My dream is to visit all distant places in the whole world in the company of my beloved man.

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